Installing a Central Vacuum System does not mean just owning an excellent functional cleaning solution, it is also an investment in your health and well-being. We breathe in micro dust everyday without even realising it and although micro dust is non-toxic over the long-term it can irritate our respiratory tracts and cause allergies, thus worsening our health and general well-being. A Central Vacuum System, unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, eliminates micro dust recirculation completely, reducing allergens present in the air.


Vacuum Cleaner Units

1. Perfetto Inox TXA Line

Not just beautiful

The Perfetto Inox TXA line combines the best technical and functional features with the elegance of an advanced design and the endurance of AISI 304 stainless steel. These features are perfect for installations in which the machine must be positioned outside or in a place with particularly difficult environmental conditions.

PLEASE NOTE:  All the TUBÒ power units come with a five (5) year warranty for parts and labour.

2. Perfetto TPA – TP Line

The evolution of the concept of vacuuming

The Perfetto TPA – TP line is a versatile and user-friendly work tool that was created to satisfy the functional needs of our dynamic and modern customers. In addition to the features already included on previous lines (tangential inlet, soft start system, washable filter and temperature sensor), the Perfetto TPA and TP line offers a series of technical features that make the system even more efficient and practical.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the TPA models come with the APF system (self-cleaning filter system) but all the TUBÒ power units come with a five (5) year warranty for parts and labour.

5. QB Line

Continuous Innovation

A central vacuum unit offering both an indoor and an outdoor solution with silent operation. The central vacuum unit disappears, just like the dust. It can be completely built into the wall to save space and maintain the building’s aesthetics. Simple and quick to maintain. QB is compliant with acoustic and technical standards without compromising on the energy efficiency class or the acoustic and thermal insulation of the structure.

PLEASE NOTE: All the TUBÒ power units come with a five (5) year warranty for parts and labour.

6. Bravo

Where there’s no space, there’s Bravo

Bravo built-in vacuum system power unit. TUBÒ has captured the advantages of a vacuum system in a small, powerful and silent product that is easy to install and use. The machine is housed in a small hole in a perimeter wall: it is the ideal solution for studio flats, shops, small offices, bars, garages and all situations in which space is precious.