A great way to get fresh air

The modern home should be clean and respectful of the environment we live in. When using the TUBÒ central
vacuum system dust is piped into a separate service
space leaving the home clean by eliminating dust

A great way to get fresh air
Eliminates Bacteria, Allergens and Micro-dust

Eliminates Bacteria, Allergens and

We breathe in bacteria, allergens and micro-dust every day without even realising it and although they are non-toxic, over the long-term it can irritate our respiratory tracts and cause allergies, possibly affecting our family’s health and general well-being.

TUBÒ protects your family’s health by deeply cleaning and sanitising your home. Dust is vacuumed and any recirculation of bacteria and micro-dust is completely eliminated.

Clean and silent

TUBÒ central vacuum systems guarantee a high level of cleanliness with silent operation.

Clean and silent
Ease of use

Ease of use

A TUBÒ central vacuum system is usually installed in a garage and enables the system to be used in complete freedom at any time. The flexible, light-weight and manageable hose easily reaches every corner of the home.

Sockets are placed conveniently at various places,eliminating the difficulties encountered when using traditional portable vacuum cleaners.

Technology for the home

TUBÒ completely redefines the concept of home hygiene,
making it suitable for the needs of modern life.

Technology for the home


TUBÒ’s vacuuming power is greater than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner: in this way, your home will benefit from more complete, long-lasting cleanliness.